Zirconia can be utilized for Crowns, bridges and various implant restorations including full arches. Zirconia is very strong, highly aesthetic, durable and has a wide range of applications and is a premium choice dental restoration.

The zirconia structure and can be partially or fully veneered with porcelain. 

The strength and accuracy of the substructure cannot be questioned, milled on state of the art CAD/CAM milling machines the results are highly accurate.
 Strength is not compromised when achieving extreme aesthetics.

The Flexural Strength of Zirconia restorations range from 900 to 1400 MPa and are a far better alternative to PFM.

Key characteristics

  • Suitable for both anterior/ posterior crowns and bridges
  • High level of aesthetics achieved
  • No limit to size or length of restoration to be designed
  • Metal free restoration